Comedians for Cancer is a 100% nonprofit network of over 1500 comedians across the country who are all contributing in the fight against cancer. We match comedians with fundraising events all across the country, as well as hold our own fundraising events based around providing relief to cancer sufferers by raising money with laughter and entertainment. In addition, we also visit with cancer patients and provide relief directly to those patients with laughter and gifts, especially during the holiday season. Comedians For Cancer provides relief to any and all cancer sufferers, but has a strong emphasis and steadfast commitment to children who are engaged in cancer battles. All donations go directly to those currently going through battles to help ease their struggles, or to help make fundraising events for the same purpose possible. Help us help them.

If you’re a comedian and would like to join our network of comedians, or are a writer, musician, actor, actress, model, athlete, website, or podcast and would like to be listed as one of our supporters, please contact us at ComediansForCancer@gmail.com

If you have a cancer charity event and are looking for comedians to donate their time to perform, and/or would like Comedians For Cancer’s help promoting the event, please contact us at ComediansForCancer@gmail.com

If you would like to donate to Comedians For Cancer, any and all donations are greatly appreciated and put to good use to help those (especially children) who are currently going through a cancer battle. Please click on the donate button below, in the right hand panel, or visit our donations page here.

There are also many other different ways to contribute or get involved, all of which are described here.

Comedians For Cancer’s purpose on the internet is to provide humor, entertainment, and knowledge to raise traffic and awareness to our organization, which in turn increases our ability to help those currently going through battles or struggles. Unfortunately, if there wasn’t a steady flow of content, people would come to the website, or Twitter & Facebook pages and say “nice charity,” and then probably never come back. By providing a steady flow of free daily content, humor, and entertainment across our website, Twitter, and Facebook pages, it gives people a reason to keep coming back, which makes our charity’s goals and objectives more easily reached or obtained. So at the very least, please continue to read, like, and share any and all entertainment content we provide to help raise the awareness of our existence and what we do to help cancer sufferers.



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