Bad Boob

Tara SparksMy cancer has a name. It’s stupid fucking asshole, or in medical terms it’s invasive ductile cancer.

I know it’s the most common.
I know it’s treatable, with little to no occurrence.
I know I will kick those five tumors asses so hard.

I know my husband and family are holding my hand the entire journey. Surgery will be before Christmas as the tumors are growing rapidly, per biopsy results. Radiation will follow as well as 5-10 years of tamoxifen & possible chemo.

I know I have a huge support with all you lovely, lovely fuckers, whom I adore immensely.

Thanks to all who’ve messaged, called, texted & sent cards. 💜

I’m accepting positive vibes, juju, candle ceremonies, laugher, prayers, food, monetary support, your love and above all support.

Peace and love. My friends. Be kind.
☠ xoxo ☠

‪#‎fuckcancer‬ ‪#‎badboob‬

~Tara Sparks

To donate to the Sparks family, please visit the Plumfund Hardship Page.


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