Share Your Story

Share your cancer story with C4C. Whether it’s a success story, a story to honor a lost loved one, or a general cancer knowledge story or experience, we’d love to hear it. Shared stories can go a long way in inspiring or helping others cope with their situations or battles. If you know someone going through a battle currently, share that story with us as well and let us help.

Send your story to, and please include a title to the story, a photo of the person your story is about, and also their name, birth date, and date of passing if you’re honoring a loved one. (To use for the “In Loving Memory Of” closing of the article.) Below are links to a ongoing growing list of cancer stories that have been shared with C4C.

Cancer Stories Shared With C4C:

Bad Boob – Tara Sparks

F#ck Cancer – Crystal Allen

Don’t Cry – Hazop Kazandjian

On The Ball – Christopher Waldrop

5 Phases – Delisa Seng

The Gift Of Time – Jennifer McNutt

The Inspiration Behind C4C – Jamie Capria


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