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Jamie: Ok, I’m here with my man Oneshot BK Reppa, a fantastic hip-hop/rap artist who is just blowing people away with his music. If you already know him, you know exactly what I’m talking about… and if you don’t know him yet, you’re about to learn why you should. Thanks for being here and helping me kick off a great cause in style, Oneshot… I really appreciate that.

Oneshot: No Problem, I’m glad to be a part of something so positive. Thanks for having me.

Jamie: Absolutely. Let’s start out with the cause itself. What is it about cancer awareness that made you want to get involved? Was it just a general compassion, or have you had the misfortune of knowing someone who has gone through it?

Oneshot: Actually, my father is a cancer survivor. Cancer affects so many people and I have faith that there will be an eventual cure.

Jamie: Well we’re certainly doing our part to try to help the cause. Ok, so let’s go back to the beginning. Tell us about appearing on Kids Say The Darndest Things with Bill Cosby when you were 7. What was that like? Were you aware of the significance of being on television alongside one of the most well-known comedians in show business and nervous about it at all, or were you just a typical kid just rolling with whatever was thrown at you?

Oneshot: Well, Kids Say The Darndest things was the start of it all. My parents felt I had a nice look and wanted to get me into modeling and acting from a young age. My parents took me to an audition in my hometown in New York City to try out for the show. I was put in a room with thousands of other children my age and I was asked a bunch of questions. Months later, to my parents surprise, I was called back for the 2nd audition… which eventually led to me being on the show. It was amazing to meet Bill Cosby. He was very nice to me. At that age, I wasn’t really aware of the significance behind what was going on. It just seemed like something fun for me to do. Overall it was an amazing experience for me at such a young age.

Jamie: So how did you get yourself into making music then? At what point did you say to yourself, you know what… I’m pretty good at this shit, I think I can make it happen.

Oneshot: I started making music in High School for fun, but mainly to express all the pain I was going through.  Life wasn’t easy for me, I went through a lot of pain. People treated me like crap, but I used their hate as motivation to make great music. At first, I was just making music… but when I began to put my heart, soul, and pain into the music, it took my career to the next level. As time went on I used social media sites like Myspace, Youtube, Facebook, and Twitter to take my career to another level. That’s when I began to realize I was really going somewhere with it.

Jamie: Yeah, follow up on that a little, because you became a monster on social media sites. First it was your Myspace getting over 20 million hits, and then you’ve had a lot of success with YouTube, Facebook, and Twitter too and seen videos like “Beat It Up” get over a million views. That’s a ridiculous amount of internet success right out of the gate. What was it like to see your stuff take off like it did?

Oneshot: It was truly amazing because I was the underdog in life and in the music industry. People always look down on the underdog, but my faith in God keeps me going in a positive direction, I used that positive energy to market myself on the internet. I put so much time and energy into marketing on those social sites, so I learned how to really work them to my advantage.  I continue to use them regularly to market myself.

Jamie:  Well it’s obviously working. Do you find it hard to keep up? I mean… you’re a pretty interactive guy with your fans and followers, and you’re sitting on almost a half million followers just on Twitter alone. Is it hard to keep up with it all and stay interactive as much as you do?

Oneshot: Not at all. We live in the mobile age, so I’m always tuned in to what’s going on. Even when I’m on my way to an event I’ll talk to my Twitter fans through my phone.  I’m connected to the internet everywhere I go, so it makes staying connected with my fans easy on me.  I use Twitter to update fans, so I’m always checking it. I try to stay very active on the social media sites.

Jamie: It’s good to see you staying in touch with the people who support your work. Not a lot of artists take the time to do that. Now obviously the music speaks for itself, but the internet is a very visual world and presentation is a big key as well. Tell us a little about your video producing and directing skills. What got you into that, and how did you become so good at it that millions of people keeping clicking on your work?

Oneshot: Well it all goes back to me being the underdog. When I started I didn’t have anyone to do my videos. Everyone was doing their own thing. I believed in myself, so I began to do my own videos. It took a lot of hard work to get really good at it, but now I’m doing amazing with it. Videos are the fun part for me. I love bringing my music to life in the form of a video. It’s like an art to me. Since I’m an independent artist, I’m in full control of my videos… and by directing them myself, I can do whatever I feel is best for them. I direct all my own videos now, and direct videos for others as well.

Jamie: You keep it pretty clean, which is hard to do in the rap game, so it’s one of the things I really admire about you. Tell us a little about that. Do you find it challenging at times to keep yourself out of the kind of bullshit that so many other artists in your position fall into so easily?

Oneshot: Thanks. Well, at first I did. I wanted to be like everyone else. I wanted to fit in. Now I couldn’t care less. Because the music I make is clean, I get a lot of sponsors and people wanting to work with me. Since I’m a Christian, I promote positive music and I have a lot more positive music coming. Some of the music I created in the past was a reflection of me trying to fit in. The music I’m creating now for this new album “Choosen” is a reflection of me not trying to fit in. The Choosen album is spelled with two O’s by design for artistic purposes. The album tells my life story. This album is very different from the music I put out in the past.  It’s a reflection of my growth in life and walk with God. The music I created in the past represented me as a boy. My new music represents me as a grown man.  So to fully answer that question, yeah… in the past it was hard not to fall into the trap of not being myself. Now it’s simple because I’m keeping God first in my life.

Jamie: That’s refreshing to hear man. So when you were getting started… who were your main influences? Who were the people that inspired you the most, or who did you emulate yourself after?

Oneshot: When I was getting started 50 Cent was very influential to me. His business sense was out of this world. I always knew I wanted to be a big business man. I always wanted my own label, company, and multiple businesses. Following his blueprint when I first got started really helped me out a lot. As far as emulating, I’ve always tried to be unique and create my own style. I try to be different and do things other artists aren’t doing.

Jamie: That’s the way to be… pave your own way. Ok, two-part question coming at you now. Who is the one person you’ve worked with or performed with that was the most fulfilling to you so far, and if you had your choice of anyone, who is the one person you’d like to work with or perform with in the future?

Oneshot: Wow… great question. I did a collab with LiL Chuckee signed to Lil Wayne’s record label Young Money. The song also features P. Diddy’s solo artist Donnie Klang, who was selected on MTV’s hit show Making the Band. Working with LiL Chuckee & Donnie Klang was the most fulfilling for me because me and LiL Chuckee became really close friends, and we are like brothers now.  I don’t really think about working with anyone else. I stay focused on what I have to do, and right now that’s just doing my own thing and taking my brand to new levels.

Jamie: Ok, well… we’ll wrap this up with some plugs. A lot of people reading this will want to know what to look for from you. You’ve got a new CD coming out on October 5th, so tell us a little about that and anything else you’ve got coming up that people should keep an eye out for.

Oneshot: Yes! I’m excited about my album dropping October 5th called “Choosen.” In the past I made really fun music, but my life has not been a fun place. This album talks about my life for the first time, and shows everything I had to go through. The album still has the same commercial feel of all my other music, while delivering a more positive inspirational message. The Album has 15 songs, so I’m really giving my fans a lot of quality music while telling a great story. On top of that, I’m putting this album out for free for all my fans. I made a lot of money off many of my singles in the past, so I wanted to put out some free music for all of my fans. The album will be available on Datpiff, HotNewHipHop and many other websites on October 5th. Also be on the lookout for all of the videos. Since I do all of my own videos, I thought it would be dope to shoot a music video for every song on the album. That’s scary because there are 15 songs on the album, so it just goes to show how much of  a workaholic I am.

Jamie: That’s how you do it man… just keep working. Well once again, thanks for being here and helping me kick off the Comedians For Cancer website with some hip-hop style. I’d wish you the best of luck, but with your talent and character, you’re not going to have to rely on luck very much. Pleasure speaking with you, as always.

Oneshot: Thanks for having me Jamie. I look forward to watching Comedians For Cancer grow and performing at some of your future shows. It’s a great cause and it’s going to be a huge success. SWAG

Jamie: There you have it folks. The new album “Choosen” is out October 5th, so make sure you check that and the upcoming videos out. And click his links here to follow Oneshot on Twitter, YouTube,  and Facebook, as well as on his personal website. Don’t miss out on the rising talent.







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