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C4C Update (Help Wanted)

Well… Comedians For Cancer turned a year old recently, and it’s been an interesting year to say the least. For those of you who don’t know, I started Comedians For Cancer in honor of my late sister who lost her long battle with cancer back in January of 2012. She was an incredibly inspirational woman who touched the lives of hundreds of kids, as noted in the article about her HERE. I wanted to carry on that tradition for her, so I created Comedians For Cancer with the intention of touching the lives of as many people battling the disease as possible, with a strong focus on children. What I didn’t know when I decided to create it was what I was getting myself into. What seemed like such a fairly simple concept actually turned out to be an insane amount of time, money, and work for me. Now, I’m certainly not complaining. What I’ve been able to accomplish with it so far has been worth every dollar and moment, and many greater things are still to come. However, it’s just not humanly possible to keep up with all the different things that need to be done to make this continue to be successful. For example, this web page alone has been extremely neglected. I just haven’t had the time to update it because with all the other things that need to be kept up on, it’s taken a back seat on the priority list. Which probably isn’t a good thing, because many people who have no idea what it is or what it’s about come here to find out and see a neglected website. Over 1500 supporting comedians across the United States need to be added, many events have come and gone without being added to the calender, and upcoming events, new articles, and new material haven’t been posted either, amongst other things. Not to mention the dot com expired, and some jackass selling shoes stole it. What kind of an asswipe steals a cancer charity’s website URL to sell shoes? Anyway… that’s just the website. I also reply to anywhere from 10 to 30 emails and messages per day to comedians, venues, event coordinators, hospitals, parents of sick children, etc… and I could easily go on and on about all the other duties and obligations, but you get the idea. The point is, it’s time for me to give in to the fact that I couldn’t possibly keep up with it all even if I cloned myself 10 times over, so I need to start getting more people involved who are willing to help out. Below is a list of things I could use help with, and some are extremely simple and require very little time, knowledge, or effort… so if you’re at all interested in helping out the cause with anything listed, please contact me and let me know.

Writers/Material Providers: Are you a writer? Or an aspiring writer? Or even just a blogger? Comedians For Cancer needs random articles written for this website. The idea is to continue posting fresh articles and material regularly to give people a reason to keep coming back to the site. More traffic = more awareness, and more donations. Any and all topics are welcome. Entertainment, movie and music reviews, product reviews, cancer news, politics, cooking/recipes, comedy, relationships, general news, sports, etc, etc, etc. Anything at all that keeps the website flowing with new material and articles. As a staff writer, you’ll get a bio (about me) page, and all your articles will be tagged with your name, therefore you can develop a following and people can click on your tag to see all your articles in one place in chronological order, and every new article will be promoted across the C4C network to draw in as many new readers as possible. So do you have niche? A strong knowledge of a particular subject? Do you want a steady writing gig? Or even just something you do occasionally when you feel like writing? Here’s your chance to hop on board for a great cause and get your stuff read regularly.

Comedians: This one is simple. Are you a comedian? Then let me know so I can list you as a supporting comedian. As a result, you will be notified of all upcoming charity events, therefore allowing you to volunteer to perform a set if you so choose. C4C holds its own events, as well as provides comedians to other cancer charity events across the country regularly, so there’s bound to be something in your area periodically. The more supporting comedians, the better. Also, if you’re already a supporting comedian, send me clips of your performances if you want them posted and promoted across the C4C network. (Facebook page, Twitter page, C4C website, etc.) It’s a win-win. You get promoted and develop new fans, and C4C gets a steady flow of comedy and supporting comedians.

Funny Picture Submitters for Facebook: This one is pretty simple. In order to get people coming back to view the Facebook page and keep awareness of the charity high, I need more than just my eCards for them to check out, so I also post daily amusing pictures. Your job? Simply submit/share any funny pictures you happen to stumble upon, and if they’re used on the page you’ll get full credit for submitting them. The more people submitting, the better… so head over to the Comedians For Cancer Facebook Page today and start sharing/submitting funny pictures.

Share Your Story: Share your cancer story with C4C. Whether it’s a success story, a story to honor a lost loved one, or a general cancer knowledge story or experience, we’d love to hear it. Shared stories can go a long way in inspiring or helping others cope with their situations or battles. If you know someone going through a battle currently, share that story with us as well and let us help. Send your story to, and please include a title to the story, a photo of the person your story is about, and also their name, birth date, and date of passing if you’re honoring a loved one. (To use for the “In Loving Memory Of” closing of the article.) Below are links to a ongoing growing list of cancer stories that have been shared with C4C.

Clerical Work: Do you have some extra time you’d like to donate? Can you answer and respond to emails, and make some phone calls? Some of it is very simple. For example… in order to even visit children in hospitals, you not only have to speak to and set it up through the hospital’s PR department, but you also have to get written permission from each and every child’s parent. Also, when I set up events or simply provide comedians for other charity events, I have to email the details to the comedians who want to participate and do a set. (Where, when, time slot, how long their set will be, whether it’s clean or uncensored, etc.) Very simple stuff, yet very time consuming if done by only one person. Contact me if you’d like to help out by being part of a small staff that divides up those duties in order to keep the onus on each person very minimal.

Website Maintenance: This website needs attention. Things like adding the supporting comedians, with links back to their pages, etc. There are currently over 1500 comedians that need to be added. As well as upcoming event dates being posted, and photos from the events themselves, etc. No experience is necessary, I can show you how to do it in about 10 minutes. If you’d like to donate a little time to help with the upkeep of the website, please let me know.

Photographers: You don’t have to be a pro for this one. For all I care you can take the pictures with your phone camera. What I’m looking for is simply people willing to take pictures from events or hospital visits whenever we have them near you. Pictures will be posted here on the website to help show what kind of things C4C is doing and how we’re helping out. Everything from photographing performing comedians, to random people and parts of the events themselves, to pictures of the hospitals, and staff workers and doctors/nurses we encounter, and the children and patients themselves. (When permission is granted by parents.) That sort of thing. If I have a handful of people scattered across America willing to take pictures for us, I’ll be able to get pictures from most events regardless of their locations.

Bitch-Slappers: C4C is currently looking for people willing to bitch-slap every hysterically funny and original person who says “Shouldn’t it be Comedians AGAINST Cancer?” Requirements: Upon backhanding them, you must also recite “No, brainiac… we are FOR cancer relief… and FOR helping cancer suffering children and adults… and we’re made up of a network of comedians who are FOR sharing their time and craft FOR a good cause. AGAINST is a negative term, and we keep it positive here. Not to mention things such as URLs and logos don’t really give us an option for lengthy names, but thanks for your hysterical and original insight. Next time though, leave the comedy to us.”

DONATERS: Obviously, it takes money to make a lot of this happen… so this is the obligatory part where I ask for donations. I’ve dropped a ton of money into this myself, but even the smallest donated amounts add up and go a long way… especially before Christmas. What can you afford? 5 dollars? 10? 20? 50? Whatever it is… it makes a HUGE difference to the children and adults C4C helps out. For even just the price of a pizza, you could’ve provided gifts to a couple children with cancer that would’ve given them a much needed smile… and let’s face it… you and your midsection can afford to bypass a few slices to make that happen, right? Every little bit helps… so what are you waiting for? Hit that donate button on the right panel. It’s right over there —–>

For any and all interest in donating time or material, please contact us at