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Comedians for Cancer is a non-profit organization designed to help raise money for cancer research & development, as well as bring as much joy and laughter into the lives of those stricken with the disease as possible. The website is currently under construction, much more content will continue to be added. Check out the About page to see what we’re all about and how you can help, as well as all the tabs above listing all our wonderful supporters. More products will be added to the Online Store soon, including books from our supporting authors, CDs from our supporting comedians and musicians, donated merchandise, merchandise on consignment, electronics, and autographed photos and merchandise from our supporting actors, actresses, models, and athletes… with all the proceeds going towards the fight against cancer. Comedians for Cancer is dedicated to the fight against cancer, and we’ll be holding a series of comedy events with all the proceeds donated, as well as paying visits to numerous cancer clinics, hospitals, and institutions to directly perform for, or just visit with cancer patients. Join the fight and help us help them.

For more information about booking, becoming a listed supporter, or how you can become involved, check out the About page or email us at

To donate merchandise, or have us sell your merchandise for you , email us directly.

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