Canadarm Cancer Technology


New Technology Could Help Save Lives

Technology that has been used in space aboard the International Space Station and the space shuttle has found a new life saving application here on Earth.

The same technology that is used in the robotic Canadarm, which was developed by the Canada Space Agency, will be used to help perform biopsies of breast legions to determine whether or not they are cancerous. It can be used inside an MRI, and it’s so precise that it can guide a needle to within a millimeter of the desired location. This means the procedure is less invasive and causes less trauma, pain, and bruising. It will also allow the radiologist to view the procedure in real time.

The new system was developed at the Center for Surgical Invention and Innovation in Hamilton, Ontario Canada, and is being tested at St.Joseph Hospital in the same city. It’s also being studied by a team from Laval, Quebec.

The results of this phase 1 trial will be shared with Health Canada and the US Food and Drug Administration. If it proves to be successful, it could be provided to cancer treatment centers for as low as $500,000, which should be within the budget of most hospitals.

~Jennifer McNutt



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