Not Right eCards

This photo gallery is an open-ended photo gallery, it’s frequently being added to. All content is original content provided by writer/comedian Jamie Capria. (@MrFornicator) Most of the eCards were taken directly from tweets, both older and newer, and many of those tweets have been “borrowed” and recycled all over the internet over time without giving credit to the originator. In most cases, the eCards are not created until after that process has taken place, so any similarities to content you may have already seen, read, or heard elsewhere is a direct result of that process. The gallery is posted in reverse order, newest to oldest, to allow the readers to come back and see new entries without having to scroll all the way to the bottom. This particular set is compiled for and can be seen regularly on the website, as well as the Not Right Facebook Page. (Great page with a constant daily stream of funny pictures. Like it. Like it right now. You know, if you like to laugh consistently, that is.) No animals were harmed in the making of this gallery… nor were any people, races, genders, or sexualities, so try not to get offended if the joke revolves around anything that relates to you individually. It’s all in good humor.


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